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Juri, Ayo and Kibou searched in vain for the expensive type of net that Vyttold had demanded from them, in stead they returned armed and well, with another type of net to catch this gnome. The evil little man had wanted the key, and through some intelligence Juri knew what kind of thing this key was. Unfortunately before they even saw the old fellow, Kenji showed up and attacked Ayo, who had flown up into the air to scan the surroundings.
Kibou's fire managed to reach them as they were flying in the air, and in his anger Kenji threw a knife at him which Ayo caught in her own arm to save Kibou from any harm as he lay there tired in the grass.

She attacked Kenji with her new bo-staf and scratched the flying fiend's hand, forcing him to let go of her leg. Unable to get her wings into the right position she fell down! As Kibou used his last strength, running to catch her Kenji swore revenge on this childish resistance to his power.

But the fun wasn't over... as Kibou bandaged Ayo's arm with part of his shirt, they saw that Juri was held captive by Vyttold who had hid behind a rock. But Juri herself has her own bite, and attacked Vyttold with the four pointed ninja stars she had bought earlier that day, yelling at him that they had the key but weren't going to give it to him!

Last Lines:

Ayo- Watched apprehensively as Kibou went over. She had to do something. He obviously didn't have any power left and he would need help. She got up slightly wobbly and looked around. The net, she knew it was around here. Searching she found it quickly, and took to the air, still slightly unsure and under the cover of tree's in case Kenji was still around. Reaching where Kibou was, she gasped at the sight which met her. Juri was running from Vyottd as he crasped his bleeding arm. Anger at the whole situation welled up inside of her. None of this was fair! And she was going to make it right. Flying fast she got above Vyottd and dropped the net, happy as it feel home.

Kibou: --felt a little dizzy but he remained focussed, watching Vyttold move closer, this was going to be dangerous... but then suddenly Ayo-chan appeared and dropped the net over Vyttold!! He gasped, she could fly again.. he was so happy that Kenji had retreated that he almost yelled out!

Juri: "You did it!" --she said happily, and threw some more of her pointed stars towards the net, effectively tying the net down into the ground at all sides-- "Now, mister..." --she adressed Vyttold-- "You will tell us why you want that key so badly." --she asked and loomed over the tiny gnome--

Vyttold: --swore and tried to get the stars out of the ground so he could lift the net off him, but every movement got him even more entangled-- "You're not asking the right questions, my dear..." --he said daringly--
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