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telling stories of old

"will you look at that"

the flower was large, sprakling orange colours on the outside and inside deep reds and yellows. The old gnome smiled as he took out his coppery sickle and cut it right off at the base

"it will be just perfect" he spoke cheerfully as he put it in his basket arranging it alongside a couple of other gorgeous flowers he found in the forest. Walking slowly across the bridge and back through the gates into the town he smiled at passers by, greeting and nodding politely at the group of old ladies standing outside the bakery, probably discussing last nights meal. Another wide smile caressed his old and cracked face as he came closer to his small home, already smelling the scent of apple pie through the window. He was just in time to take it out of the oven.

Putting the flowers down he leaned in and took the large pie out of the oven with two towels ocerving his hands, putting it in the windowsill so it could cool down a bit, and spread the scent all ver the town, as he did almost every day. He arranged the flowers he plucked in a vase, and took some of the spices and herbs he found in small pots putting them over the large furnace to dry,

Taking a cup of freshly made tea he sat down on his porch, looking out through hi street over the towns square, the children playing, the sun on his face and a cool breeze ruffeling his grey hair he smiled "alright kids, who wants some pie?" Seeing the towns children flock around each being served a small piece of the large pie, and making sure he does not forget himself in serving such a delicious meal he sips his tea again.

"now kids, have i ever told you the story of Snorri Blackbeard and his adventures in Lustria?" looking at the large eyes peeking up to him and heads slightly shaking from side to side

"i haven't hmmm, well, gather around, and let me tell you a story then." He sipped his tea again and smiled "a long long time ago........"
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