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[16 Aug 2004|09:09pm]


Juri, Ayo and Kibou searched in vain for the expensive type of net that Vyttold had demanded from them, in stead they returned armed and well, with another type of net to catch this gnome. The evil little man had wanted the key, and through some intelligence Juri knew what kind of thing this key was. Unfortunately before they even saw the old fellow, Kenji showed up and attacked Ayo, who had flown up into the air to scan the surroundings.
Kibou's fire managed to reach them as they were flying in the air, and in his anger Kenji threw a knife at him which Ayo caught in her own arm to save Kibou from any harm as he lay there tired in the grass.

She attacked Kenji with her new bo-staf and scratched the flying fiend's hand, forcing him to let go of her leg. Unable to get her wings into the right position she fell down! As Kibou used his last strength, running to catch her Kenji swore revenge on this childish resistance to his power.

But the fun wasn't over... as Kibou bandaged Ayo's arm with part of his shirt, they saw that Juri was held captive by Vyttold who had hid behind a rock. But Juri herself has her own bite, and attacked Vyttold with the four pointed ninja stars she had bought earlier that day, yelling at him that they had the key but weren't going to give it to him!

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Backplay [18 Apr 2004|09:08am]

Check comments.
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Next day [15 Feb 2004|08:01pm]

OOC: Jury and Rai can casually finish their conversation. This is Ayo and Kibou continuing the next day and perhaps going on a little adventure.

Kibou was just thinking to himself one day when a big old toad attacked a girl. She had fire-energy and for the first time Kibou somehow managed to use fire too. In his surprise he attacked the toad and she was grateful. Obviously she was alone so he took her with him to Jury's house, hoping she would be allowed to stay. They booth appeared to be quite lost in this big world and so far they get along. They know there is much to discover and much to learn, both being rather intimidated by the big bad world, one in an angry way, one in a friendly naive way. As well as having qualities in common, they also have many differences.

Continuing in the comments...
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[13 Feb 2004|11:02am]

[ mood | contemplative ]


Finally i have found the time and fantasy to continue, i am sorry it took so long, what is happening here is theconversation between Rai and Jury inside the house while ayo and Kibou are outside, again, sorry it took so long


Rai: - *Watched Kibou go outside, and smiled "they will be fine" he said softly as he patted Jury's hands, she lookee concerned, and rightly so. He would have been to if such a thing would hapen to him With a smile he got up and took the liberty of helping jury to clean off the table and start doing the dishes. "there is much potential in both of them, you do understand that do you? Especially Kibou, he looks very familiar, as if i have seen his face before. but i can't quite remeber where." Rai trailed off in silence for a bit as he stared outside "but either way it is a good thing he is with you" *

*As they finished he smiled again, walking up to the furnace "let me make a nice pot of tea for you, those other two will probably be very busy playing outside" he mentioned as he felt the tingling in the air of prime chi being used, and nodded to himself approvingly "say have you heard about that new fortress that was raised out of the ground?" Taking some herbs out of his ouch and putting them in the hot water making a pot of delicious mint tea for the both of them*

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Hi [03 Jan 2004|08:42pm]

[ mood | pensive ]

(I apologize in advance for the length of this, i got carried away ^-^;)

She twisted her head sharply to the side, repeating the motion to the left. Her arms lifted slowly, starting a chaotic and seemingly directionless pattern. Closing her eyes gently she concentrated. Small traces of youki centered in her palms and fingers, trailing behind them creating a vague picture of lines. Her legs and wings seperated, bringing her slightly to the side. Her fingers continued to paint with her power as her legs and wings met again, her foot dragging slightly in the loose dirt. She kept up her dance, left foot drawing a circle in the dirt as she met up where she began. Opening her eyes she made sure her fingers completed the picture, wincing as it flared to life. The dusty red barrier grew thicker, tendrils of power snaking downward till they reached the ground. Flapping her wings gently she hovered over the crackling energy. Tucking her feet and wings in, she let herself free fall through the red tunnel, landing in a crouch within. Taking a moment she tried to remember her lessons. Raising carefully she closed her eyes and lifted her face to the sky, carefully spreading her wings as she did. Snaking her arms above her head she gathered her youki once more, letting it flow out as she continued the pattern above her head, cementing her in a power prison. The tendrils snaked out like before, reaching and searching for its crackling brothers. They came together with a crash, blinding anything with its eyes open within a mile radios. The light died down, but glowed brightly still, illumenating the small clearing she had chosen in a freightening red hue. Letting out a shakey sigh she opened her wings fully, her whole body tense as the appendages met the barrier. Instantly energy crackled around them, sharpening the color in them and deepening their black lining. Her eyes snapped open with a startled gasp at the energy surge through her, her violet irises sparking with red lightning. Her body shuddered as the barrier fed itself into her wings, making them glow fiercely. Her body began to dim along with the energy, her spikey hair and shaking legs losing their definition and color. Her wings pulsed and most of her body disappeared, leaving only her face and still bright eyes. With a yelp of please she disappeared completely, wings flaring briefly before fading completely. The glade stood deadly silent, the only thing marking her passing being a burnt mark in the lose soil.

(there is a continuation I'm writing, its going to be up soon ^-^)

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Kuro and Yume Pack [29 Oct 2003|09:20am]

Yume: *rubs her butt lightly * Grandma...it hurts >..<

Kuro: "Call me Kuro!" --he grunted, and looked at his own wound ((???))-- "I know, we have to go though... and quickly. Youko said he saw him less than three days ago, right? Which direction should we go though......?"

Yume: Don't yell at me grandma!! *flattens her ears and looks scared*

Kuro: --sighs and looks into all wind directions-- "Yume-chan where did you think he would go? He came from the north so maybe went back... but there's nothing there. He could go south if he wants to travel further. Oh if he is still the Messiah...."
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Request to the Great Oak [14 Sep 2003|10:55pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

Wytchwetl: ~eyes were lowered in respect and sheated his twin blades were as he looked at her, his flayed body pulsing with life energy, "fear not godess of the plants, you have come to a protected forest, allow me to show you the guardian and owner of this forest."

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telling stories of old [03 Sep 2003|11:24pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

"will you look at that"

the flower was large, sprakling orange colours on the outside and inside deep reds and yellows. The old gnome smiled as he took out his coppery sickle and cut it right off at the base

"it will be just perfect" he spoke cheerfully as he put it in his basket arranging it alongside a couple of other gorgeous flowers he found in the forest. Walking slowly across the bridge and back through the gates into the town he smiled at passers by, greeting and nodding politely at the group of old ladies standing outside the bakery, probably discussing last nights meal. Another wide smile caressed his old and cracked face as he came closer to his small home, already smelling the scent of apple pie through the window. He was just in time to take it out of the oven.

Putting the flowers down he leaned in and took the large pie out of the oven with two towels ocerving his hands, putting it in the windowsill so it could cool down a bit, and spread the scent all ver the town, as he did almost every day. He arranged the flowers he plucked in a vase, and took some of the spices and herbs he found in small pots putting them over the large furnace to dry,

Taking a cup of freshly made tea he sat down on his porch, looking out through hi street over the towns square, the children playing, the sun on his face and a cool breeze ruffeling his grey hair he smiled "alright kids, who wants some pie?" Seeing the towns children flock around each being served a small piece of the large pie, and making sure he does not forget himself in serving such a delicious meal he sips his tea again.

"now kids, have i ever told you the story of Snorri Blackbeard and his adventures in Lustria?" looking at the large eyes peeking up to him and heads slightly shaking from side to side

"i haven't hmmm, well, gather around, and let me tell you a story then." He sipped his tea again and smiled "a long long time ago........"

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[29 Aug 2003|03:33pm]

Yume: Really??? >^^< !!! *tackle hugs him* Then we can wait for grandma!

Youkboutt: --sighed-- "No, we can't..." --and he looked down, folding his ears flat and gave a sad face--

Yume: Why not? >..< *flattened her fuzzy ears*

Youko Butt: "Because Noukon moves fast, and if you want any chance to find him, you must come with me now... once you found him, your granny will understand..." --petted her hair and gave her another berry--

Yume: >..< But...but..I don't want to disappoint grandma. If he's anything like mama I don't want to face his wrath if I get lost.

Youko Butt: --looked at her quietly, and got up-- "It's your own decision... Noukon or your granny. If your granny is a bat, then shouldn't that bat be able to fly fast?" --he said, waiting for the juices inside the berry to start making Yume drowsy-- "Come, my girl.."

Yume: >..< But...but....grandma said..we'd...we'd..find him...ourselves..*yawns*

Youko Butt: --petted Yume's ear-- "Shhh.. it'll be okay..." --he whispered, checking the sky... it was now or never-- "Everything... will be okay." --he soothed--

Yume: >zz< I feel sleepy...I want grandma......>==<

Kuro: YUMEEEEEEEEEE! --sweeps in and tries to grab the girl from Youko's hands but the big fox moved in the way and he zooms up into the sky to do another kamikaze fall-- "HANG IN THERE! Don't listen to him!"

Yume: =.o....grandmaaaa...you caaaaame...*yaaaawn*

Youko Butt: --growls and protects the girl from Kuro-- "You're too late! There's nothing you can do now..." --picks her up into his arms protectively and sends some leafs flying, draining it from Yume's ki--

Kuro: --gets hit by a few leafs as he still tries to go directly for the girl and suddenly he stops, standing on the ground and lets the wounds close, creating small scales. He whispers something and the scales fade-- "I am not afraid. Give her back..."

Yume: *finally falls unconscious into a deep sleep* >==<

Youko Butt: --glares and with his last powers he creates a funghus gas to make Kuro faint just like Yume did, both sleeping deeply and he drags their bodies off into his hole in the ground, creating a prison for them in there and waits patiently for them to wake--

Yume: *after a few hours wakes up, rubbing her little kitsune eyes and looking around* Mm....where am I....grandma...?

Kuro: --wakes slowly with a huge headache, some scales having formed over his vital organs to protect him... his dragon side was being strange lately-- "I don't know..." --looked around with his weak bat eyes and blinked a few times, listening for echoes and squeaked once-- "It seems below ground..." --yawned widely and sat up-- "What happened...?"

Yume: I dont know... >..< I....was waiting for you then you came...and I fell asleep. >66< I guess I was really sleepy.

Kuro: --rubbed his temples and wondered where he had felt this sensation before, then gasped-- "Youko..." --he looked Yume over and ask hurriedly-- "Are you hurt anywhere...? Do you remember that big silver fox, Yume-chan?"

Yume: Yes...he..said he knew Noukon...and he wanted to take me away before you came. He gave me a fruit and then you came >..<

Kuro: "Of course he knows Noukon..." --slapped his forehead-- "What did he tell you??" --he asked hurriedly, wondering if there was any news about his little babeh fox? In his sadness about Noukon he started to pet Yume in stead, thinking back to the times that he and Noukon still had fun--

Yume: He said he could take me to where he was...that he had seen him a day before... >..< Whatever that means.

Kuro: --looked at what seemed to be the exit, dreamily hoping Noukon would be normal again. He moved towards the opening of their little hollow but suddenly flinched back as he was attacked by - apparently newly potted plants, sitting in the ground and eyeing them - yes eyeing them - hungrily-- "Yumeeee..." --he whined, looking at the plants and made a face--

Yume: >oo< The plants look hungry...maybe we should feed them grandma!

Kuro: "Feed them grandma? I think not!" --he said, crawling back-- "And don't call me grandma... my name is Kuro..." --he said, his eyes still focussed on the little plants-- "I'm so glad they don't have legs as well as eyes..." --sighed-- "What would you feed them...?"

Yume: Mmmm....I dont know what you feed plants. Mama usually gives them Miracle-Grow >oo< *peers closer at the salivating hungry plants*

Kuro: "Miracle grow??" --gasped and shook his head-- "No no no... careful Yume, they might not want plant food but meat... " --sat back and looked nervously-- "We're stuck!" --he wailed--

Yume: *pokes at one of the plants* Meat? >oo< Maybe we should ask the big youko for some...
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How this works [27 Aug 2003|09:53am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

First we need a couple of reposts and either we make new posts all the time or we make a thread from each story by replying to the main posts. Posts can be big and detailed or short and compact, that's the player's choice. The form of roleplaying basically remains the same:

Name: *reaction* "bla!" *action action* /think think/ "blabla!"
OOC: blabla

But this is just for those times that we are busy with things that occupy our minds and we want to answer the roleplay in our own time: or being at work without any program to play with, just a single post will keep the story going. I don't know if this will work, because other websites like this die out after a bit... it's just a first try and maybe I will turn it into something else later, who knows.

Still, we're going to have to all at least try: just check it once in a while.

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yo [26 Aug 2003|11:57pm]

so like...how does this work?
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Welcome to Nya'Dur [26 Aug 2003|07:02pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

This is the first attempt made for Nya'Dur, the Roleplay Community for the Makai Roleplay... made for the days we are at work or at school rather than sitting on our lazy asses. But that won't stop us from roleplaying!

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